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  1. Isabel The Knockout

    12 Feb 2015

    Had a great time working with the beautiful and talented Isabel Syers, who we hope will go on to a great agency. She definitely has the moves and has studied the craft, making my job super easy. I just showed up.

  2. Cashaey Serenity Dark Studies

    15 Jan 2015

    So I had a boxing ring setup in the studio for a local theater company. What should I do, but see if a model wants to use it. Of coarse! Had a great time working with Cashaey Serenity. the clothes are just source our cloths from H&M, shopping for woman’s…

  3. Every Model is a Boy Scout - Always Prepared

    24 Dec 2014

    What should you bring to a photo shoot To be a great commercial model you have to invest in a great commercial wardrobe. When you are asked to come to a shoot, especially a test or stock shoot, models are often requested to bring their own wardrobe. But what really…

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