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  1. New Work: Cannabis Dispensary Magazine April 2018

    23 May 2018
    More Editorial work in Cannabis Dispensary Magazine April 2018. Great to see Maryland growing in this regard although I still do not need a prescription. having fun doing editorial work can’t wait for the next one to publish.

  2. Seen on www.fhfitness.com

    07 Dec 2015
    Some recent work being published. Thanks to the owners of Federal Hill Fitness for the work. 

  3. Analog Heaven

    09 Jun 2015
    I love the digital revolution. but I love how photographers would make ideas come together in a paper notebook. 

  4. Cody-A Left-Handed Human

    29 Apr 2015
    Although I’m doing stills most of the time I want to take some time every session to record motion of all my wonderful Human subjects. My first one is Cody Williams a maker and pencil guy who recently came in for a portrait session.  He talks about somethings that are…

  5. Oh What a Weekend

    27 Apr 2015
    This weekend was a little crazy here in Baltimore. Thankfully, I was shooting two jobs in studio and did not get caught in the craziness that happened downtown.  This weekend I had two sessions for Write Notepads & Co. The first one was a portrait session and video interview, part…

  6. Must See YouTube Videos About Model Poses

    12 Mar 2015
    I personally want great and fun photo sessions with my clients and other partners. Creativity should not be stressful. In order to make each session fun, cool, and productive, all the players in the drama have to be ready and prepared Most people think modeling is easy and anyone can…

  7. BTS Makeup

    16 Feb 2015
    Many times the simplest of images require the most production This weekend I had the opportunity to shoot the promotional materials for a really good makeup artist, one that has worked in film, fashion, and TV all over the world, Farzana. But for one fashion head shot there are hours…

  8. Isabel The Knockout

    12 Feb 2015
    Had a great time working with the beautiful and talented Isabel Syers, who we hope will go on to a great agency. She definitely has the moves and has studied the craft, making my job super easy. I just showed up.

  9. Cashaey Serenity Dark Studies

    15 Jan 2015
    So I had a boxing ring setup in the studio for a local theater company. What should I do, but see if a model wants to use it. Of coarse! Had a great time working with Cashaey Serenity. the clothes are just source our cloths from H&M, shopping for woman’s…

  10. Session With Melissa

    05 Jan 2015
    I love doing sessions with models. They are so laid back and fun. As much as working with clients is wonderful, those sessions are way more stressful than just being in the studio with beautiful people. We don’t have any deadlines or restrictions One of these great people is name…

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