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  1. Must See YouTube Videos About Model Poses

    2015-03-12 15:55:00 UTC

    I personally want great and fun photo sessions with my clients and other partners. Creativity should not be stressful. In order to make each session fun, cool, and productive, all the players in the drama have to be ready and prepared Most people think modeling is easy and anyone can…

  2. Cashaey Serenity Dark Studies

    2015-01-15 18:37:03 UTC

    So I had a boxing ring setup in the studio for a local theater company. What should I do, but see if a model wants to use it. Of coarse! Had a great time working with Cashaey Serenity. the clothes are just source our cloths from H&M, shopping for woman’s…

  3. Every Model is a Boy Scout - Always Prepared

    2014-12-24 22:06:37 UTC

    What should you bring to a photo shoot To be a great commercial model you have to invest in a great commercial wardrobe. When you are asked to come to a shoot, especially a test or stock shoot, models are often requested to bring their own wardrobe. But what really…

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