Must See YouTube Videos About Model Poses

I personally want great and fun photo sessions with my clients and other partners. Creativity should not be stressful. In order to make each session fun, cool, and productive, all the players in the drama have to be ready and prepared.

Most people think modeling is easy and anyone can do it, but the truth is it is very hard work. You will ask yourself, ” how many times can I take the same step before this photographer can get this shot. Without the model nothing would get done, no one wants to see their clothes on a mannequin. So, I found some videos that really help female models have the moves. You will look awesome and make the photographer look like a champ.

The first is from model scout Trudi Tapscott, How to Do Modeling Poses | Modeling, it is more like a training video but the advice and direction will get you hired and called back.

The Posing Tutorial from Czech Models Prague is in Czech and English but is the best since it is filmed from the photographer viewpoint. It is literally what we want to see while we are shooting, click, move, click, move…

Denis Salceda, a former geek turned sophisticated model, has great video and advice for beginning models. Talking about the feelings you might have and how to control them. Then you will kill the shoot and we will be blowing up your phone in the future.

Britt Bergmeister, from Next Management, breaks down smiling and how to do so you don’t look fake, How to Smile in Modeling Photos | Modeling

These are some great video that will help you help us.

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